Plaza de España Studies

Studies are a 1 minute walk from the square flagship of spain, place full of life reflection of transfer of madrid and cultural life and night. Quiet two apartments are allowing madrileña enjoy life without noise nuisance.

Found on a 5th floor, very light through its large windows. Have two lifts up pack. They are ideal for two families or couples who want 3 membership be near.
Have all the comforts: towels, sheets, heating, air conditioning, free wifi, flat screen, hair dryer (upon request) kitchen and service equipment on board keep-foster (estrella nº 5, 5 minutes on walk)

Delivering on key board will foster (street star nº5, 5 minutes apie) or their studies as previously agreed with the clerk by phone or e-mail.

Studies are provided clean. If you want to hire a cleaning service can do during your stay talking to the receptionist. Have extra cost.

Upon arrival, the contact person will provide them an e-mail and telephone contact that will be available 24 hours.

Contact us:  Call us +34 915212275  / +34 63618515.  You can contact with us here.

How to arrive

By train(cercanias renfe): from terminal 4 at barajas airport, taking the line c1 to atocha, a journey of about 25 minutes. From there take the metro line 1, up to tribunal. In tribunal to line 10 with respect to south gate plaza of spain. Conde de toreno exit has an elevator and is more direct. Total cost € 3.65.
Metro: from barajas airport you can take the metro line 8 in terminal 2 or terminal 4 towards nuevos ministerios. Once at the final station of the journey (nuevos ministerios station) to do the connection line 10 towards puerta del sur station to plaza spain. The most direct and lift out is conde de toreno. The journey time is about 45 minutes and costs € 4.50 per person.
Taxi: from the airport to the city center takes about 30 minutes. Approximate cost 30 € (depending on traffic). Radio taxi in madrid accept all credit cards and reservations. +34 915 47 82 00